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End of Life for Cloud Migration Manager (CMM) VM


To simplify our portfolio while providing enhanced capabilities and better support, we announced the end of support for Cloud Migration Manager (CMM) VM as of December 14, 2021. Accordingly, CMM VM is no longer available to download, and no SLAs are provided for support of the product.

End of life for CMM is scheduled for March 28, 2022.

Some customers may have been using CMM VM successfully for some time. Although not recommended, customers may continue using CMM VM but must understand that Egnyte Technical Support is no longer available for this product. Continuing to use CMM VM is explicitly at the customer's own risk, as Egnyte will have limited ability to assist should an issue arise.

From now on, customers have multiple options to meet any needs for migrating on-premises content to Egnyte.

  1. Try our new Migration App. This new tool includes all the capabilities of CMM, plus faster performance and new capabilities such as:

    • Migration App is integrated with the Egnyte Cloud Dashboard and can be enabled within two business days for your domain.
    • Migration App is fully UI-driven, enables multiple concurrent migration jobs, and has extensive logging and reports to simplify validation and troubleshooting.
    • Migration App can sanitize files on the source and enable true-ups and permissions migration.

      Currently, in Limited Availability, Migration App may be enabled for any domain to use in a self-service manner providing that the total migration is less than 5 TB and 8 million objects.

  2. Engage Egnyte Professional Services to handle your migration in a white-glove manner.

To have Migration App enabled for your domain or discuss an engagement with Professional Services, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive. You may also submit a request to support@egnyte.com.

For more information on leveraging the enhanced functionality of the Migration App, please see this Help Desk article.



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