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How to View and Complete a Training Assignment


When the training is assigned, the assignee receives an email notification that contains the link to the document and training due date. The assignee can open the document by clicking the View Training button from the email or can open the document from the My Training Assignments page (as per the instructions listed below) in the Controlled Document Management application.

Instructions to View and Complete Training Assignment:

  1. Navigate to the My Training Assignments page. 

  2. By default, it displays the training assignments with Pending and Overdue training status but you can change it to any other training status by using the Status filter. 

  3. You can open the document by clicking the training assignment from the table. The document preview screen will open, showing the document on the left and the document metadata on the right.

  4. You can review the document content and then click Mark Training Complete on the right side of the screen. You will be required to provide a Digital Signature in order to mark the training complete. 

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