Release Date: Egnyte for Sumo Logic v1.1.0; August 31, 2021

This is the Beta version of the integration.


Sumo Logic is the enterprise-grade cloud-based service that collects, manages, and analyzes all of your log data. Their unique processing and analytics capabilities combine to give you real-time operational and security insights across all of your critical applications and infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud.

With Sumo Logic, you get deep analytics into how your applications behave. Now you have a real-time way to uncover operational and security incidents across your entire infrastructure, regardless of where the log data resides.

Egnyte's app for Sumo Logic provides insights into the Issues identified and raised by Egnyte's Secure and Govern product. This enables Sumo Logic administrators to directly track enterprise-wide Issues identified by Egnyte's Secure and Govern product through Sumo Logic. 


Configuring Egnyte for Sumo Logic


Before you set up the integration, ensure that you meet all of the following requirements:

  • Egnyte Secure and Govern (old: Protect) access (Admin).
  • Proper Sumo Logic credentials (Admin).


  1. Log into Egnyte as an Admin.
  2. Go to Apps & Integrations and search for Sumo Logic.

  3. Enable the integration for the chosen domain.

  4. Click on Start configuration.mceclip2.png.

  5. A new window will appear with configuration screens.
  6. You will be asked to choose the preferred Egnyte entity.

    Only the Secure & Govern entity is available to send data into Sumo Logic in the Beta version. Collaborate will be available soon.

    There must be at least one entity chosen to proceed further.

  7. Now you can paste the URL from your Sumo Logic Platform.

    For more information on how to generate URLs, please click here.

  8. Click on Configure.

  9. Authorize the integration from your Egnyte Secure & Govern account.

  10. Log in to your Egnyte Secure & Govern entity.

  11. Allow Sumo Logic permissions to read issues and react with issue changes from your Egnyte Secure & Govern entity.

  12. Your configuration is now completed.

  13. Once the configuration is over, you will see the screen below - click Save.


  14. If needed, you can adjust your settings by clicking on Edit configuration. 

  15. Alternatively, you are also able to remove the configuration and stop sending data into Sumo Logic by clicking on Remove configuration.


  • One URL link to send your data to Sumo Logic
  • No preview of the already saved URL - after you do the configuration set-up you will not be able to see the previously entered URL by clicking on Edit configuration. This improvement is planned for the next release.

Coming soon

Egnyte's app for Sumo Logic provides insights based on incidents raised by chosen events in Egnyte's Collaborate product.

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