Accessing the Quality Application

To access the Quality application, choose Quality DMS from the hamburger menu in the top-right of the screen: 


Only users who meet one of the following will see this option:

  • Domain administrators
  • Users with a role that grants the "can manage Quality DMS" capability
  • Users who are added as a Category Manager to one or more Document Categories
  • Users who are added as a Category Viewer to one or more Document Categories

The Documents Section

When you open the Quality app, you start on the Documents section.  This section shows you all of the documents that you have access to, grouped by Document Category.

If you are a Category Viewer, you will see Effective and Future Effective versions of documents.  If you are a Category Manager or administrator, you will also see older Obsolete versions of documents.


The table shows the following columns:

Column Description
ID The identifier of the document, e.g., SOP-6
Name The name of the document.  Note: this may be different from the actual file name
Version The version of the document, e.g., 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, etc.
Status The status of the document, either Future Effective, Effective, or Obsolete

Effective From

The date the document became or will become effective

Effective Until

The date the document is effective until (inclusive).  This date can be extended in the future.


You can search the document list by name or ID.  Searches can be exact (e.g., "SOP-6") or partial (e.g., "informed consent").  This search does not search the full text of the documents.

You can filter the documents based on category and status:


In addition to filters, you can choose to show only the latest version of each document by clicking the checkbox next to the filters.

Previewing Quality Documents

You can preview a document by clicking on it from the Documents Table.  A preview screen will open, showing the document on the left and the document metadata on the right.


Downloading Document Renditions

You can download a rendition of a document from the preview screen by clicking the Download button in the top-right of the screen.  The rendition is a PDF copy of the document that includes:

  • A "Rendition" watermark
  • A footer with effective document metadata, including document ID, version, and dates
  • A signature page

Learn more about Quality Document Management by watching a Quick Tip on Egnyte University: Quality Document Management