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BIM360 Egnyte Partner Card Configuration



Egnyte Partner Card connects each BIM360 project with the relevant Egnyte folder, sub-folders, and documents. Access the files in Egnyte without switching context, or needing to open a new browser tab.  Files can stay in a single secure location - Egnyte end users can access, share, and collaborate on these files from the BIM360 Project Home.  No need to manage permissions in 2 separate locations – users will have access only to the files they have permission to access in Egnyte.

Part 1: On the Egnyte Side

1. Choose the folder you would like to connect to the BIM360 project

2. Select “Details & Options” from the context menu


3. Copy the Folder ID – The number and letters from within the “Direct Link” URL (see image below).


Part II: Within BIM360 Project Home

1. Click “Customize” on the top right corner

2. Click “Card Library” on the top right corner

3. Select the “Egnyte” card and click “Add Card”

4. Click “Configure” on the Egnyte Card

5. Give the Egnyte Card a title of your choosing

6. On Partner URL insert - https://{{Egnyte_domain}}.egnyte.com/app/index.do?embedded=true?restrictPath=true#storage/folder/{{Folder_ID}}

Egnyte_domain – is your company’s Egnyte domain

Folder_ID – is the number you copied in Part I

7. Click “Save"



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