Administrators can now easily request a permission review, from any Data Owner,  within Secure and Govern. When an Administrator requests a permission review, an email notification is sent directly to the Data Owner(s) responsible for completing the review. The Data Owner can click on a link found in the email or log into Secure and Govern to complete the review. Permission review requests are automated via email and fully audited. This article will walk you through how to request and complete a permission review for Egnyte sources. 

Request a Permission Review

  1. Log into Secure and Govern.
  2. Go to Permission Tab.
  3. Navigate to the folder in an Egnyte content source, where a permission review is needed (please note a Data Owner must be assigned to any folder that requires a permission review. For more information on assigning a data owner, please review Data Owner Assignment and Removal.
  4. Select the “Reviews” tab (on the right side of the screen).


  5. Select “Ask for review,” and the permission review request window appears.
  6. Choose the permission review scope and permission review deadline.
  7. Select the “Ask for review” button.


  8. The permission review request notification will appear, and the folder(s) will be marked as requiring a review (yellow dot beside folder).
  9. A “permission review pending” status will appear under the “Reviews” tab.


  10. A notification email will be sent to the Data Owner(s) assigned to complete the permission review request.


Completing a Permission Review

  1. From the email, click “Complete Permission Review” or log into Secure and Govern and go to Permission Tab.


  2. Once logged into Secure and Govern, you should see the following.


  3. Complete review of all permissions for all the requested folders.
  4. Select “Mark as reviewed,” choose “For this folder” or “For this folder and subfolders.”


  5. The permission marked as reviewed notification will appear.
  6. The permission review status will be updated under the “Reviews” tab.


  7. A permission review completed notification email will be sent to the requesting Administrator.


Learn more about Data Owner Assignment by watching a Quick Tip on Egnyte University:  Assigning Data Owners

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