Any user of the Migration App.

This product is currently in Limited Availability. We invite any Customers interested in using the product to engage Egnyte Professional Services or their Customer Success Manager to have it enabled for their domain. 


You may find that you'd like to clean up your Migration Dashboard by removing Sources and Jobs that you no longer need.


  1. To delete a Migration Job, two things must be true.
    • The Migration Job must be in an inactive mode. In other words, no commands may be running at the time of deletion.
    • Its Source must be either in Active or Deactivated mode. If its Source is Inactive, you'll see that the Delete migration link is disabled in both the Migration Dashboard view and the Migration Job view.


  2. If a Source is in Inactive mode, click on the three dots to the right of the item in the listing to select Deactivate source.


  3. Now you will be able to delete all the Migration Jobs associated with that Source. Click on the three dots menu to the right of each job and select Delete migration.


  4. Once you have deleted all the Migration Jobs associated with the Source, return to the Source listing. From the three dots menu to the right of the Source you wish to delete, select Delete source.


Questions? Feature Requests? Other Feedback?

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