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Create a New Service Account


A Service Account is an account for an application. For example for Storage Sync, Smart Cache , Egnyte Protect, or apps built with the Egnyte API.  

Service Account Features

  • Password never expires
  • Two-factor authentication is disabled
  • Cannot access interactive applications (like Web UI, mobile apps, or desktop apps)

Creating a New Service Account

  1. Once you have determined the type of user to add, make sure you're logged into Egnyte Web User Interface as an Admin.

  2. Navigate to Settings from the menu and open the Users & Groups tab. Then, click the Add New Account button, hover over 'Service Account' in the dropdown menu that will show up, and select the type of the Service Account you'd like to add (you can choose between Administrator and Power User).


  3. Enter the relevant information for the user and click Save.


  4. The new Service Account will then be created and automatically set to Active. No confirmation email will be sent at your admin email nor the email address associated with the existing Egnyte admin accounts.

Service Accounts do not need to have a unique email address. A Service Account can use the same email address as another user in your Egnyte account. The email address for a Service Account is used purely for email notifications and not for authentication.

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