The ability to collaborate with co-workers is a key driver of productivity in today’s business environment. With Egnyte’s Integration, you can easily collaborate with the co-authoring capabilities, which allow multiple users to work concurrently on the same document.

It is now much easier to start or join an existing co-editing session from the Desktop App using an application that allows co-editing: Microsoft Office Online or Google Workspace. 

Start or join co-editing session from the context menu:

In the file explorer (for Windows) or Finder (for macOS), right-clicking a file gives users an option to co-edit using one of the co-editing (co-authoring) applications supported in the domain. 



For a domain with more than one co-editing (co-authoring) application, if the organization admin sets the default co-authoring app, right-clicking a file gives an option to co-edit the file using the default co-authoring app.



Join co-editing session by double-clicking a file:

In the file explorer, double-clicking a currently co-edited file gives the user an option to edit using the local Microsoft Office app or join the existing co-editing session.


This is currently available for Windows. For Mac it will be available from version 3.13. 

User has an option to set the default action for this prompt in the preferences as highlighted below:


For additional information, refer to this FAQ article.