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Co-Editing Access from Desktop App


The ability to collaborate with co-workers is a key driver of productivity in today’s business environment. With Egnyte’s Integration, you can easily collaborate with the co-authoring capabilities, which allow multiple users to work concurrently on the same document.

It is now much easier to start or join an existing co-editing session from the Desktop App using an application that allows co-editing: Microsoft Office Online or Google Workspace.

Start or Join Co-Editing Session from the Context Menu

In the file explorer (for Windows) or Finder (for macOS), right-clicking a file gives users an option to co-edit using one of the co-editing (co-authoring) applications supported in the domain. 


For a domain with more than one co-editing (co-authoring) application, if the organization admin sets the default co-authoring app, right-clicking a file gives an option to co-edit the file using the default co-authoring app.


Join Co-Editing Session by Double-Clicking a File:

In the file explorer, double-clicking a currently co-edited file gives the user an option to edit using the local Microsoft Office app or join the existing co-editing session.


User has an option to set the default action for this prompt in the preferences as highlighted below. The preferences can be set per drive (under drive configuration):



For additional information, refer to this FAQ article.


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