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Why is the Storage Sync Device Not Syncing with the Cloud?


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There can be several reasons why a Storage Sync device does not synchronize with the cloud. Possible reasons for an offline device include: 

  • Internet connectivity to the cloud: Check if you have network access to your Egnyte domain from the network environment where the Storage Sync device is hosted
  • Outbound firewall rules blocking access to the cloud: Ensure that outbound access to your Egnyte domain is whitelisted within your company firewall
  • Storage Sync not configured with the correct time zone: Ensure that the Storage Sync device is configured with the correct time zone and a network time server in case your Domain Controller does not host the time service.
  • Expired sync admin password: Ensure that the admin credentials configured for synchronization are valid and the password has not expired.
  • Deactivated admin user account: Ensure that the admin account configured for synchronization is not deactivated or deleted.
  • Disk space full: If the Storage Sync data disk is nearing capacity, it is possible for the device to fail synchronization with the cloud
  • No folders selected for sync: Ensure that folders are configured for synchronization in the Storage Sync UI
  • No data disk attached to the device: You must have at least one data disk added to the Storage Sync device to ensure that the services come up

If you have checked these items and the device is still not functional, please do not hesitate in reaching out to Egnyte Support


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