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Which content sources are supported by the Content Lifecycle View? 

The view supports all content sources added to Secure & Govern, though some sources will have limited information based on the capabilities available (i.e. a Box source will not have any of the Policy widgets since content lifecycle polices are not supported for that source type) 

How do you decide the regulatory policies appear within quick-filters as a filter option?

The top five content classification policies based on the number of matches to files are provided as a quick filter option. 

Does the “Files by policy” widget include all lifecycle policies applicable to the folder?

Yes, it includes all the lifecycle policies and the legal holds that are applicable to the folder. 

How should I act upon what I see in the Content Lifecycle View? 

This view is a great tool to help develop lifecycle policies. For example, based on the visualizations you see with regards to file age, folder size, or sensitive content location, you might create a folder-based lifecycle policy that archives files from a project that completed. 

Can I apply my quick filters to filter files within a set of filtered locations?

No, the quick filters are only applicable to the list of filtered locations within a source. The results of the rightmost pane are independent of the quick-filters that you apply.

Is the Content Lifecycle view updated in real-time?

Depending upon the size and number of files in your source, the time it takes for the Content Lifecycle view to update may vary. You can view the last updated time for the content lifecycle view on the top right corner of the page. See this article on source scanning for more information - Scanning of Content Sources

How does Egnyte determine duplicate files?

Egnyte determines the duplication of files based on the checksum of each file. Checksums are calculated based on the content of the file. Hence even if the names of the files are different but have the same content, they would be flagged as duplicates.

What checksum is used in determining duplicate files?

SHA-512 hash function is used to calculate the checksum of the files.

Are duplicate files determined based on all versions of a file?

No, duplicate files are determined based only on the most recent version of the file.

Which content sources are supported for the duplicate files filter?

Egnyte sources are supported for the duplicate files filter.

Does the duplicate files filter work across more than one Egnyte source?

No, the duplicate files filter and duplicate file report list out duplicates only work within one Egnyte source.

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