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Roles Based Access FAQs in Secure and Govern


If you still have questions about the Role-based Access feature in Secure & Govern, check out the frequently asked questions below. 

Can a User ave multiple roles at the same time? 

Yes, a user can have multiple roles. Secure and Govern RBAC is an additive model, so a user’s effective permissions are the sum of their role assignments. 

What role is assigned to my users if I don’t create a role by myself?

Egnyte Protect has two built-in roles, Admin and Basic User, which cannot be deleted. All Secure and Govern users are assigned the Basic User role unless specified otherwise.

What kind of access does an Admin role have?

A user with the Admin role has full access to Secure and Govern. They can see all issues and sensitive content in an unredacted form and can change all Secure and Govern settings.

Why can’t I change the settings for the Admin and Basic User roles?

Admin, Power User and Basic Viewer roles are built-in roles that are set by default and cannot be edited or deleted. You can create a new role with the desired access level or add users to multiple roles to assign the proper entitlements to a user.

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