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Getting Started Guide for Egnyte Connect


Upload and share a file

Upload your first file to Egnyte through the Web UI and generate a link whose URL can be emailed directly from Egnyte or copied to easily share the file.

Read: How to Share Files
Watch: Sharing Files and Folders using Links (3:43)

Collaborate with your colleagues

Easily share files with your colleagues, request files from anyone inside or outside your organization, comment, assign tasks, and more.

Read: Request files from others
Watch: Granting Access via Folder Permissions using Links (2:56)

Connect from your desktop 

Access and sync Egnyte files from your computer’s native file browser using the Egnyte Desktop App.

Read: Learn which Egnyte desktop client you should use
Watch: Using the Egnyte Desktop App (3:02)

Use the mobile app

Egnyte travels with you! Download our mobile app for iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile.

Read: Egnyte Mobile Overview
Watch: Using Egnyte from your iOS Mobile Device (3:53)

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