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Administrators and Power Users with the can manage Power Users and/or Standard Users role can take a multitude of actions on users from the Users & Groups tab.

Once the user is located, hover over the user to have a Details button appear. 



Clicking this option will take you to the user details page (see below).


When you click on the Profile tab or Edit user profile from the user details page, you can do all of the following:

  • Reset a password
  • Change the user’s email address
  • Update the user’s first or last name
  • Change the user’s type (like promoting a user from Power User to Administrator)
  • Treat the user as a Service Account
  • Deactivate user (user cannot login but the account and Private Folder still exists in Egnyte)
  • Delete user (all information, including their Private Folder data, will be deleted)
  • Regulate how the user is verified (Authentication method)
  • Set an expiration date for the user (only for Standard Users)
  • If you have Egnyte’s Device Control package, this is where you’ll enable, disable, or reset a customer’s Two-Step Login Verification.




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