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How do I enable FTP or SFTP?


To enable FTP or SFTP for your Egnyte domain, follow these steps:

1. While you're signed in as an Admin, navigate to Settings and then to Configuration.

2. Choose Applications from the left side and scroll down to the FTP section.

3. Click to Enable FTP and choose the types of users that will be allowed to utilize the feature (Admins or Admins & Power Users). 


4. Select the FTP and/or SFTP checkboxes and click Save.

FTP is NOT recommended as a migration tool. If you have more than 50GB data total to transfer, consider using Egnyte's Migration App or some other third-party tool designed to handle larger data migrations.


If your users received one of the error messages below, it means that the service has not been enabled for the domain or for their user type. An Administrator will need to enable it using the steps above.

SFTP access is not available to this user. 
Contact your account Administrator for details
SFTP access is not available to this domain. 
Contact your account Administrator for details. 


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