Content Safeguards - FAQ

Content Safeguards protect data by restricting approved link types to files containing sensitive content. If Content Safeguards have been enabled for your source, link sharing to some of your files may be restricted to a minimum link security level based on policies created by your Administrator.

Use the links below to find answers to frequently asked questions about Content Safeguards.

Why is sharing restricted for some of my files?

What do I need to do when creating a link?

What happens to my existing links when Content Safeguards are set up?

What if my link recipients cannot access my link?

How can I check if my link is working?

What should I do if my link has been disabled by the policy?

Some of my files are marked as “Access restricted for link recipients,” but I can still access them. Is this expected?

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Administrator.

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