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User and Group Permissions Report


When you need to figure out what folders users and groups have access to, run a User and Group Permissions Report. You'll see a breakdown of the folders they have access to, and what their permissions are for the folders. Admins and Power Users with the can run reports role assigned will be able to run the report and export it as a .tsv file if desired. 

Run a User Permissions Report

  1. Log into Egnyte as an Admin or a Power User with the can run reports role.
  2. Select Reports from the left navigation page.
  3. Open the Permissions Reports drop-down and click User and Group Permissions Report.

  4. Type in the users and/or groups that you'd like to be included in the report. Once all of the desired selections have been made, click Generate Report to run the report.


  5. As soon as the report has finished running, the report will be downloaded as a .tsv file.

    The report displays the following information:

    Name - Name and email of the user
    User Type - Administrator, Power User, or Standard User
    Group - The group that the user belongs too. This "group" will be related to any group(s) you selected when getting the report ready (i.e., All Power Users, All Employees, Contractors...)
    Assigned To - Shows if the user has been assigned permissions to the associated folder as an individual user or as part of a group you've created within Egnyte.
    Folder - The folder the user has access to
    Permission - What the user's permissions are for that folder

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