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Lock Summary Report


A file is locked when another user opens the file through WebEdit, Desktop App, or Smart Cache (FKA Turbo) (as long as the user is online). If the content is left open and the user is away, the file will need to be manually unlocked. Administrators and Power Users with the can run reports role can use the Lock Summary Report to view all of their domain's locked files and unlock them if needed. 

This article will show you how to run the Lock Summary Report and how to unlock the file from the report page. 

Run a Lock Summary Report 

  1. Log into Egnyte as an Admin or a Power User with the can run reports role.
  2. Click Reports in the left side menu.
  3. Select Lock Summary from the list, and the report will automatically run.
    Screenshot at Dec 01 05-40-20.png

  4. When the report is completed, you'll see a list of every file that is currently locked within Egnyte.

    Screenshot at Dec 01 05-39-41.png

Unlock Files

Once the report has been run, select each file that you would like to unlock and click the Unlock icon at the top of the list.

Screenshot at Dec 01 05-39-41 copy.png

If you'd like to unlock every file listed, select the checkbox at the top of the list to automatically select all files.




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