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Configuring the Desktop App to Work With Trusted SSL Intercept Proxy Services


For added security and visibility into network traffic, some Administrators may have set up a trusted SSL intercept proxy in their network. The Desktop App can be configured to work with such services as long as the certificate used is considered a trusted certificate by the operating system. Some endpoints used during the authentication process may also need to bypass the SSL intercept proxy service. 

Configuration Steps 

  1. Ensure that the certificate used by the proxy service for SSL encryption is trusted by the operating system on the computer where the Desktop App is being used.
  2. If you're using Egnyte's Two Factor Authentication, bypass traffic to the following URL so it is not decrypted by the SSL intercept service:
    - If you're using a custom access protocol, ensure you also bypass https://<customaccessurl>/tslv?*
  3. If you're using Single Sign-On (SSO), use appropriate settings recommended by your SSO provider to ensure users can successfully sign in. 
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