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In the case of Microsoft Office and PDF documents, Egnyte Secure & Govern can inspect the file’s metadata - details and keywords that identify the document's topic or contents. You can search for such metadata by creating a Custom Policy for Document Properties.

Create Custom Policy

  1. From the Egnyte Secure and Govern home page, click Settings, expand the Content Classification section, and select Policies. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Custom Policy.


  2. Enter in your Policy name, tag, and description, then click Configure for Document Properties.


  3. By default, Microsoft Office and PDF files have standard document properties like the title, author, and subject.


    You can enter these three Standard Properties into the policy by using a list of comma-separated values to be exactly matched for each property. If you have any Keywords in the Microsoft Office document (or Tags for PDF files), you can specify a list of comma-separated values in the Keywords field. These values will be compared against the Keywords/Tags field in a document’s metadata to find any overlapping keywords.


  4. In addition to these Standard Properties, you can also match a file’s Custom Document Properties that have custom names and values. These properties can be one of four types - Text, Date, Numeric, or Yes/No.


  5. You can add Custom Properties to be matched, by specifying its Name, Type, and the expected value. In the case of Text and Numeric fields, you can specify a comma-separated list of values to be matched against the property.



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