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Photo Upload Widget for Android


If you take a lot of pictures for work, the Photo Upload Widget for Android will be a great addition to your tool kit. When you use the widget to take photos, they're automatically uploaded to a folder on Egnyte to make staying organized easy. If you don't have an internet connection, the widget will take care of the uploads as soon as you reconnect. All of the pictures taken through the widget are not stored locally on your phone, so you won't have to go back and delete them later.

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  1. If you haven't done so already, please install the latest version of the Egnyte app from the Google Play store or make sure your app is up to date.
  2. On most Android devices, you will long-press (i.e., tap and hold) a blank space on your home screen to pull up additional options. Tap the Widgets option from the menu and locate the Egnyte widget.

    widget.png egnyte_widget.png

  3. Typically, you will long-press the widget to select it and then drag it to a suitable place on the home screen. If your screen does not have enough room for the widget, it may create an additional home screen.
  4. A setup screen will appear after the widget is placed. Click Next.


  5. You'll be shown the location for the default Auto-Photo Uploads folder. If you would like to change the default destination, click Change Folder to select a different folder or create a new one.

    auto-upload_folder.png select_folder.png

  6. Once the setup is complete, you can immediately begin using the widget to take pictures by clicking on the camera icon.


    The first time you use the widget, you may be asked to allow Egnyte to take pictures and record videos. Make sure you tap Allow, or you will not be able to use the widget.

  7. As soon as you take the photo and click OK to keep it, the picture will be uploaded if you're connected to the internet. If you do not have an internet connection, the widget will show Waiting for Wifi connection until it reconnects.


    To see all of the photos that are pending, tap anywhere on the widget (other than the camera icon) to get a list.

  8. When all photos have been uploaded successfully, the widget will show All photos synced.




Change Folder

Once the widget is set up, you can change the folder where the photos are synced through the widget. This is useful if you were taking photos for a project that has finished and need to start taking pictures for a new one but want to keep the photos in separate folders.

  1. Tap anywhere on the widget (other than the camera icon) and select the Settings icon.


  2. Tap the Target folder link to navigate to a different folder or to create a new one.


  3. Once the folder is selected, all photos taken through the widget will automatically sync there.


Change Internet Connections Allowed

The widget defaults to only syncing photos when you are connected to Wifi to help avoid data overages. If you want photos to be able to sync when using mobile data, you can change this setting through the widget.

  1. Tap anywhere on the widget (other than the camera icon) and select the Settings icon.


  2. Tap the box next to Sync photos using Wifi only to uncheck it.


  3. Once the box is unchecked, photos will be allowed to sync when connected to Wifi or mobile data.


Additional Settings

After opening the widget, you'll see a list of any pending photo uploads on the first screen. From here, you can also take a new picture by tapping the shutter button or go directly to the photo folder by tapping on the cloud icon.


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