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Smart Cache Offline - Troubleshooting


If your Smart Cache device has been marked offline on the cloud UI, or you've received an Offline notification, this article will help you complete troubleshooting to resolve the issue. A Smart Cache device is marked offline if it does not report to the cloud for more than 45 minutes. There could be a wide variety of issues causing the Smart Cache device not to report to the cloud, including the physical VM host being shut down or powered off accidentally, LAN or WAN links being down, or the device encountering other issues. 

Smart Cache allows access to content synchronized locally when it cannot connect to the cloud. All desktop users must have connected at least once to the Smart Cache prior to network disconnection. Desktop application users will stay connected to the Smart Cache device for up to 30 days after network disconnection with the cloud. If the network connection with the cloud is not restored within 30 days, desktop application users will get connected to the cloud.


Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check if Smart Cache is reachable on the local area network: This can be done by trying to ping the IP address of the Smart Cache device from a network device (laptop) that typically has a connection to Smart Cache. The Smart Cache IP address is available from the Web UI by going to Settings, selecting the Devices tab, and choosing Storage Devices. You can further sort by selecting the Smart Cache option at the top.image__16_.png

    If the Smart Cache device is unreachable, check the host server. The Smart Cache VM could be powered on
    , or the network interfaces on the host are non-functional.

  2. Check if Smart Cache has connectivity to the cloud: To verify this, log into the console with the username and password (admin/turbocharged) of the Smart Cache device.


    Once logged in, select option 3 from the console options and click Enter to run the network diagnostic tool.


    If the network diagnostic tool returns an error (highlighted in red), this could point to a WAN failure or a new firewall rule that is blocking Smart Cache from connecting to the cloud.


  3. Check the general health of Smart Cache: Running the network diagnostic tool will also help identify other issues that could be internal to Smart Cache. If you see other errors, please reach out to Egnyte Support for additional help.




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