Turbo and Storage Sync are two hybrid offerings that we offer. Each solution caters to a different set of use cases for our customers, so it's important to understand their differences to ensure you're using the best option available. The table below will help you find the best recommended hybrid solution for your needs.

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Storage Sync


Support for special file types (Revit) X  
Support for synced folders to be available offline X  
Support for a single desktop client to provide a unified view of all content   X
Support for Jobsite/Remote Office NAS Solution  X Egnyte recommends the use of small business servers with Windows 2016 to deploy Turbo. Follow link for details 
Support for Sync Data size larger than 16TB*


Support for 3rd party SSO Authentication (Ping/Okta)   X
Support for Global File Locking   X
Support for a hybrid solution to also serve as an initial migration tool  X Egnyte recommends the use of specialized migrations tools like Egnyte Cloud Migration Manager (CMM).
Support for file uploads of files larger than 4GB to a folder synchronized to Turbo on Windows X Turbo automatically proxy uploads the file to the cloud directly. This limitation is only when using Windows version of Egnyte Desktop application.
Support for SMB based endpoints like printers/scanners X  

*64TB per Storage Sync VM is a beta feature

If you're still having trouble deciding which hybrid solution will work best for you, please reach out to your Account Manager for guidance.