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Comparing Smart Cache to Storage Sync


If you love Storage Sync, try Smart Cache, Egnyte's next-gen hybrid technology. Egnyte has been investing heavily in Smart Cache -- it combines the performance and scalability of Storage Sync with intelligent caching technology, single drive letter, global file locking, and much more. Learn more here.

Smart Cache and Storage Sync are two hybrid solutions that we offer. Each solution caters to a different set of use cases for our customers, so it's important to understand their differences to ensure you're using the best option available. The table below will help you find the best-recommended hybrid solution for your needs.

Do you need...?

Storage Sync

Smart Cache

Single Drive-Letter
(Access Through Desktop App Drive Letter)
Global File Locking  
Automatic Discovery and Location Awareness  
Cloud Management  
Intelligent Caching Technology  

Failover to Cloud

(In Case of Device Downtime)

Support for 3rd party SSO Authentication (e.g. Okta)  

Access to Content During Internet Outage


Large File Support

(up to 100GB* file size)

(up to 250GB* file size)

On-Prem Storage Disk Sizing

(Increased storage disk size due to syncing all cloud data)

(Reduced storage disk size due to intelligent caching)

TCO & Operation Costs

(High due to sync new folders from cloud)

(Minimized due to intelligent caching even after new folders getting added on cloud)

Support for Single-Site Revit Co-Editing

Upload Files from Printers, Network Scanners and Laser Scans

(UNC Path or SMB Drive Letter)

*File size varies around the customer purchased plan and is subject to change whenever the plan gets updated.

For more information, refer to the link for Smart Cache Setup and Configuration Overview.

If you're still having trouble deciding which hybrid solution will work best for you, reach out to your Egnyte representative for guidance.


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