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Known Limitation with XLS (Excel 97-2003 Format) Files


When opening .xls files (Excel 97-2003 format files), the last modified timestamp of the file is updated despite the user not making any changes to the file. This occurs because when you open a .xls workbook, Excel writes the name of the current user to the header of the file but reverts that change if no updates are made. 

Upon closing the file without making changes, the last modified time is reverted to its original value but the temporarily updated timestamp can result in the file being uploaded with a newer modified time. Since Egnyte versions are ordered based on the last modified time, the uploaded file becomes the latest version because of its more recent last modified time. 

This behavior can result in users inadvertently overwriting changes made by other users when they access .xls files without making any changes. This affects the Desktop App. 

Suggested Approach / Workaround 

To avoid issues with Excel, we recommend that users save Excel documents using the newer .xlsx format. When accessing .xlsx files, there is no update to the last modified timestamp until a user actually makes changes to the document. 



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