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Using Egnyte with Google Chat


Egnyte for Google Chat is a bot that allows users to share and collaborate on Egnyte documents instantly, without leaving the chat window. This article will cover how to install and use the bot on your Chat conversations.

Google Chat 

Google Chat is Google Workspaces’s powerful text and video messaging app, helping users communicate with each other through 1:1 and group conversations.

With a few commands, users can easily access and share their Egnyte documents within the flow of conversation. Just add the bot to any room, and use the command "@Egnyte share" to start. 

Please note the following restrictions:

  1. Bots can only be added to rooms, not individual conversations
  2. Google Chat does not offer the ability to add bots for every room - bots must be added to each room individually


Adding the Egnyte Bot to Chat

  1. First, open up your  Chat app. Choose "Add People & Bots" from the top left menu to add the bot to your Chat account

  1. After clicking, a menu will appear. Search for "Egnyte" and it will appear in your results. Click "Egnyte" to add it.


  1. Now the Bot is added to your list


Adding the Egnyte Bot to Rooms

  1. To add the Bot to your room, first, navigate to a room. Just above the text box at the bottom of the screen, click "Add People & Bots"

  2. A window will appear. Search for "Egnyte" and select the bot from the results. Click "Send" to add the bot to the room.

  3. You've now added the Egnyte bot to your room!


Sharing File Links with the Egnyte Bot

  1. To share a document using the Egnyte bot, go to a conversation and type “@Egnyte share” and click "Select Items to Share"

  2. To authorize your Egnyte account, click “Authorize” (this is a one-time step).

  3. Sign in to your Egnyte account and click "Next"

  4. Select “Allow Access” on the authorization screen

  5. Now you can navigate your Egnyte account and select the file you want to share

  6. Select the link visibility permissions for your file. You can select "Anyone", File Server Users, or "Domain Users with Permission"

  7. Press “Send” , and your file will appear in the chat conversation

Help Command

To easily navigate to this page, type in "@Egnyte help" to get a link to this helpdesk article directly from the bot.





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