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SharePoint Online (SPO) to Egnyte Cloud Migration (Limited Availability)



SharePoint Online (SPO) to Egnyte cloud migration feature helps customers to migrate their third-party data seamlessly into Egnyte cloud through a well designed cloud migration wizard. It can also migrate user data to the Egnyte cloud. 

Common Use Cases 

  • Migrating Microsoft SharePoint online data to Egnyte like sites, portals, sub-sites, shared documents, and others.
  • Migrating Microsoft SharePoint online user data to Egnyte like private data to Egnyte private folders.


  1. SharePoint Online should be added as a Content Source in Egnyte.
  2. The Microsoft user account used to add the content source must have Global Administrator permissions on the SPO side.

    Here is the full list of granular permissions that are required:
    1. Directory.ReadWrite.All
    2. Files.ReadWrite.All
    3. Group.ReadWrite.All
    4. MailboxSettings.Read
    5. Members.Read.Hidden
    6. SecurityEvents.Read.All
    7. Sites.FullControl.All
    8. Sites.Read.All
    9. Users.ReadWrite.All
    10. ActivityFeed.Read
    11. ActivityFeed.Read.ReadDlp

    Sharepoint Online to Egnyte granuler permissiosn.png


Refer to the SPO to Egnyte migration guide for detailed instructions on configuration. 


  • Permissions cannot be migrated.
  • Migration should not exceed the hard limits of 5TB in data size or 2.5 million objects for a single migration job.
  • Migrating more than 5000+ sites will be very slow and it's advisable to split the sites into multiple groups and then start the migration job for each group separately rather than one single migration job.
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