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In-Domain Archival of Document Rooms to Read Only Copies


The Document Room undergoes a lifecycle that ends when due diligence is completed, at which point it is marked as closed or done. 

Often, regulatory and internal compliance require keeping a read-only copy of the Document Room after it is marked as  Done. This is useful for future references, especially in legal matters.

Egnyte addresses this need by offering an option to archive the Document Room within the domain. This creates a separate and controlled area within the domain called "Inactive (Archived)". Authorized users have read-only access to these inactive document rooms.

Archiving Document Room to Controlled Area

The user can archive the document room at any time during its lifecycle; however, it is recommended to do so only after it is marked as Done.

To archive the document room in the controlled area called Inactive (Archived):

  • Navigate to Secure & Govern App from the App Drawer.
    in domain archival-1.png
  • Select Content Lifecycle from the left navigation bar.
    in domain archival-2.png
  • From the folder tree on the Filtered Locations pane, select the Document Room folder to archive.
  • Click on the 3-dot menu on the top right corner and select Move to Inactive.

in domain archival-3.png

  • A summary will appear. Enter the job name and click on Move.
    in domain archival-4.png

When the document room is archived (moved to Inactive state)

  • The users or groups who had Owner permission will continue to have Owner permission.
  • The users and groups who had Full/Editor permission will be degraded to the Viewer permission.  
  • The users and groups who had Viewer or Viewer-only permission will continue to have Viewer and Viewer-only permission.
  • Active shared links (if any) will be deleted. 

Administrators can monitor the move jobs from the Secure & Govern > Settings > Content Lifecycle > Moves and Restoration Jobs widget.

in domain archival-5.png

Accessing the Archived Document Rooms from the Document Room Portal

The archived document rooms can be accessed by authorized users from the Home Page of the Document Room Portal. 

By default, Active document rooms are displayed. The user can select the Inactive (Archived) filter from the top and see only the Inactive (Archived) document rooms.

in domain archival-6.png

The user can also search for a specific document room using the search functionality at the top right corner.

in domain archival-7.png

There are a few variations in the access and details of the inactive document rooms. 

  • Access to the document room will be read-only. Depending on the permissions assigned, the user may or may not be able to download the content.
  • The document room cards on the portal will have “[Inactive]” prefixed to the name of the document room as shown below.

in domain archival-8.png

As an owner, the user will have the option to manage permissions for the archived document room.
- The only permissions available to assign to power users will be “Owner”, “Viewer”, and “Viewer-Only”.
- For Standard Users, only “Viewer” and “Viewer-Only” permissions will be available. Restoring the Archived Document Room Request to Restore

As one of the owners of the document room, the user can request to restore it to regular storage for collaboration. 

  • Click on the Inactive document room card on the Home Page.
  • Click on Request to restore.
    in domain archival-9.png
  • Select the Reason as Project Reopened/Reference/Other, enter the comments (optional), and click on Submit.
    in domain archival-10.png

Approve the Restore Request

The request will be sent to administrators or Power Users with the Data Owner role assigned with permissions to Approve/Reject request to restore.

  • Open Secure & Govern > Settings > Content Lifecycle > Moves and Restoration Jobs -> Requests to Restore.

in domain archival-11.png

  • Click and open the request to review the details. 
  • Click on the Reject or Approve button to reject, or to approve the request.
    in domain archival-12.png
  • To approve the request, click on approve and select the permissions option. The admin can either inherit from the parent folder after restoration (default) or keep the current permissions.
    in domain archival-13.png
  • Select the restoration location as original location (default) or a new location.
    in domain archival-14.png
  • Enter the comments, if required, and click on Submit.
    in domain archival-15.png

  • A notification will show up and the document room will be restored.
    in domain archival-16.png

Reject the Restore Request

To reject a request, Admin can click on Reject, provide comments, and click on Submit.

in domain archival-17.png

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