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User Management in the Mobile Apps


Administrators and Power Users with the Can manage Power Users role can manage users in the Egnyte mobile applications. This article describes how to use the Egnyte mobile applications to manage users individually or in bulk.

User Management on Mobile

User Management in the Egnyte Mobile Apps is available in the Menu tab via Settings. The screens in the article show the feature in both the iOS and the Android app.

Mobile_User Management_13.png

Mobile_User Management_7.jpg

Adding New Users

To add a new user:

  • Tap on on the + Add New User button
  • Fill in the required fields on the New Account screen
  • Tap on the Save button in the right upper corner of the screen

Mobile_User Management_1.png

Mobile_User Management_5.jpg

Managing Existing Users

You can use the search option to locate the user, sort the list of users in ascending or descending order, and use the Type filter to display All Users, Admin and Power Users, or Standard Users only

Mobile_User Management_10.png

Mobile_User Management_11.jpg

Users can be managed individually or in bulk. To manage an individual user, tap the three dot menu icon next to the intended user to manage and from the bottom sheet context menu select one of the available options:

  • Add to Group
  • Resend Invitation
  • Change Username
  • Change User Type
  • Change Role
  • Deactivate User
  • Delete User

Mobile_User Management_14.png Mobile_User Management_3.png

Mobile_User Management_4.jpg  Mobile_User Management_2.jpg

To manage users in bulk, tap on the three dot menu in the right upper corner of the screen and select the intended user to manage.

Mobile_User Management_6.png

Mobile_User Management_12.jpg

Use the actions menu (available from the three dot icon in the right upper corner of the screen in the Android app or listed at the bottom for the iOS app) to select one of the user management actions you need and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Mobile_User Management_8.png

Mobile_User Management_12.jpg

The actions available for multiple users will vary depending on the combination of users selected.

User Management on Mobile - Access Criteria

User Management on the go is available to Administrators and Power Users with the Can manage Power Users role who have the latest version of the Egnyte mobile apps available in the Apple and Play application stores.

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