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Real-Time Folder Update Notifications on Web UI


Egnyte supports the capability of real-time folder update notifications on the web UI. When a user is working within a specific shared folder and other users make changes to the content within the same folder, the user is notified in real-time. 

This unintrusive UI notification enables the user to refresh the page, reflecting the changes and ensuring they always work with up-to-date content within that folder.

Web ui folder update notification.png

Users can refresh the page for the latest content or continue working without refreshing. Closing the notification by clicking the close icon will not refresh the page. If no action is taken, the notification will close automatically after 10 seconds.

 The real-time UI notifications currently support the following folder updates.

  • A new folder is created.
  • A new file or a new version of the existing file is uploaded to the folder.
  • An existing file or folder is deleted.
  • An existing file is edited or co-edited.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable real-time folder update notification capability on the Web UI?

This capability is available on all plans.

When will I receive the real-time folder update notifications?

The notification will appear on creating a new folder, uploading a file, deleting a file/folder, and editing/co-editing a file.

Egnyte will continue to add support for more folder update use cases, and details regarding such improvements will be made available via the release notes

Will I get notified with real-time notifications even for changes happening in other folders in which I am not working at this moment?

No, real-time folder update notifications only apply to changes occurring within the exact folder where you are currently working. Changes within sub-folders will not be notified

Is there a way to disable this notification for a specific user?

No, currently, there is no option available to control this capability at a user level. Once it is enabled at the domain level, all users within the domain will start receiving this notification on the Web UI. To disable these notifications for your domain, please contact support@egnyte.com.



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