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Strong password policy support with Storage Sync ver 12.23


Product:  Storage Sync ver 12.23 Release Date: May 24rd (TBU), 2024 

New Features and Enhancements

Enhanced Security through Strong password policy

In this release, a new stronger password policy is being introduced to enhance security for storage sync devices. This is applicable to all accounts except AD authenticated.

Refer the article for more detailed information on the password policy and which accounts are affected on the Storage Sync device.

- The current users (Egnyte Users or Egnyte Service account) can continue to use existing passwords.
- If user needs to reset or modify their password, then the new password policy will be applied.
- If there is no requirement to change or reset the password then users can continue to use the existing password without any issue.

Additional Information and Resources

Download the latest version of Storage Sync


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