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Egnyte offers its users the ability to select and control the user groups that are considered for Open Access detections. Monitoring large user groups can be extremely significant in preventing unwanted access, data leaks, and security breaches. The ability to whitelist trusted sources can reduce the number of Open Access detections. It can be useful for Administrators to focus on crucial issues detected. 

It is crucial to review the users of a group and identify their usage and access patterns before determining whether a group is safe for sharing. If the usage patterns of the group(s) are not determined, it is recommended to start monitoring the larger groups first to prevent unwanted access. 

Controlling Open Access user group detections is described below.

Open Access Settings - Controlling User Group Detections

Users can control Open Access detections from Open Access Analysis Rules Settings by following these steps:

  1. Log into Secure and Govern.
  2. Go to the Settings.
  3. Select Analysis Rules.
  4. Select Open Access.

    S&G - access open access rule.png

  5. Select the Configure Group option. The Group Configuration Window will open.

    S&G - Configure group option.png

  6. Select all groups to be monitored by the Open Access Rule. Unselect any groups not required to be monitored by the Open Access Rule.

    S&G - select or unslect groups.png

  7. Click on Save.

When a group is unselected, any existing Open Access detections involving the unselected group(s) will automatically get closed during the next source scan and no new issues will be detected for the unselected group(s).

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