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Managing eTMF Domain Settings


In addition to configuring settings for individual studies, Egnyte eTMF allows Administrators to configure certain settings to apply across the entire domain, such that the behavior applies to all the studies.

Accessing eTMF Settings

Users with the eTMF Administrator role can access the eTMF Settings page via the left-side menu.

Available Settings

eTMF Administrators are able to configure two settings on the eTMF Settings page:

Require Artifact on Upload

Enabling this setting will require users to select an artifact when uploading documents for all content added to Egnyte eTMF. 

Disabling this setting allows users to choose between selecting an artifact or selecting Unclassified, which serves as a temporary state for documents pending classification. Unclassified documents can be classified later via the Classify action on the Viewer tab of the Study Dashboard. 

Allow Upload to Inactive Milestones

Enabling this setting will allow users to upload documents to child artifacts of milestones in the Inactive state.

Disabling this setting will require users to upload documents to child artifacts of milestones in the Active state only. 

Saving Your Changes

Ensure that changes to your eTMF Settings are applied successfully by selecting the Save changes button before navigating away.

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