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Egnyte IOS App 8.28.1 - Miscellaneous Improvements


Release Date: April 11, 2024 | Egnyte iOS Mobile App v8.28.1

Issues Addressed

Improved Alert for Viewer-Only Permissions

Users encountered an issue when attempting to access a file or folder with Viewer-Only Permission via a direct link. They received a generic message that lacked clarity regarding the problem and the required steps to resolve it.

Users will now receive the following prompt when attempting to open a direct link:

'Your access is restricted to viewer-only permissions. Please use the Web UI to view this folder.'

Mobile iOS_Release 4-11-24_1.png

Support for viewing content in the Egnyte iOS mobile app for Viewer-Only Permission users will be added at the end of June 2024.

Additional Information And Resources


Go to Apple AppStore to download the latest version of the Egnyte iOS Mobile App (v 8.28.1) or upgrade to the latest version on all your devices if you already have it.

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