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Opening Files/Folders in Egnyte Desktop App from Web UI


Egnyte introduces an option to open files or folders directly in the Egnyte Desktop App from the web UI. This feature aims to enhance the link-opening experience within the platform.

It can be utilized through multiple options listed below:

1. Context menu in the Files view -> Open with -> Open in Desktop App

WebUI- open in desktop app from general context menu.png

2. More dropdown -> Open in Desktop App. This option opens the parent folder in the Egnyte Desktop app

webUI - open in Desktop App folder option from more menu.png

3. File Preview -> Open in Desktop App

webUi - open in desktop context menu in preview page.png


Clicking on Open in Desktop App from any of the above options displays the following pop-up.

webUI - open in desktop app - download desktop app popup.png

This pop-up closes automatically after 30 seconds.

If Desktop App is already installed on the user’s device, they will see the popup below (the window may vary depending on the browser).

webUI - Open in DA browser popup.png

Clicking on Open Egnyte redirects the user to the Egnyte Desktop App to handle the opening of the file/folder.

The minimum device requirements for the feature to work are:

  • Egnyte Desktop App 3.16 or higher for Windows
  • Egnyte Desktop App Core 0.10.3 or higher for MacOS

Desktop App for Windows experience

When a file is opened in Desktop App for Windows for the first time, the user is prompted to choose its behavior


  • Selecting Open file option opens the file in the default application used for such file type.
  • Selecting Show in folder option opens the folder in which the file is located, without actually accessing the file. If there are multiple files in the folder, the one provided in a link will be highlighted


  • Users can select Always perform this action checkbox. This setting can be changed later in the Desktop App Preferences


Creating sharing links directly from Desktop App

Users can also create a link using the context menu option Copy desktop link. Link created this way canopen files directly in Desktop App in the same manner described above.


To open the file in Desktop App, the user needs a drive with the selected file path added and configured properly. If the user doesn’t have access to the file using Desktop App, the file will not open.

Desktop App Core for Mac experience

In Desktop App Core the experience is simpler at this time. It only opens the folder in which the file is located.


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