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Egnyte for Salesforce 3.7 - Metadata for folders


Egnyte for Salesforce 3.7 (Mar 6, 2024)

New Features and Enhancements

Metadata for Folders

Egnyte has introduced a new feature enabling users to apply Metadata stamps on Folders. Administrators have the ability to configure the integration to select a designated field from the Salesforce record, which will then be incorporated into the Egnyte metadata for a corresponding folder. As updates are made to the field within Salesforce, the folder metadata in Egnyte will automatically synchronize accordingly.

Salesforce - metadataConfig2.png

Configurable Notes, Files & Attachment Folder

The admin can now select a specific field on the configured object to choose where the Notes, Files, and Attachments Upload to.

Salesforce - Egntye sync configuration.png

Additional Information and Resources

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