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Egnyte for MS Teams FAQ


I store sensitive data in Egnyte. Will shared files be stored in MS Teams?

No, Teams has access only to shared links and file metadata (such as thumbnail, file name, author, version, and uploaded timestamp).

Is it possible to designate Egnyte as the default file storage system for MS Teams? 

Yes, it is possible. To configure Egnyte as the default storage for your Teams environment, the administrator needs to follow the steps outlined in the MS Teams Installation Guide.

However, note that Private Channels do not currently support the Egnyte for Teams integration. If your administrator hides the OneDrive / SharePoint (ODSP) entry points, users won't be able to share files through either Egnyte or SharePoint within Private Channels. 

What happens to the content in the default Egnyte folder if a Team or Channel is deleted? 

The content in the default Egnyte folder will not be visible within Teams if the team or channel is deleted. However, to ensure content accessibility, it will always be available and accessible through Egnyte's WebUI.  

What happens to SharePoint content once the Egnyte integration is enabled?

Egnyte integration will not delete or move any SharePoint content. If you wish to migrate these files to Egnyte, you need to move them manually.

What do I do if I deleted the Egnyte Files tab?

If you've accidentally removed the Egnyte Files tab, you can easily re-add it.

Just navigate to the top of your Teams application, click the "+" button, search for the Egnyte app, and then follow the instructions provided.


Can I search through my Egnyte content from the Teams interface?

Indeed, you can utilize the Egnyte Files Tab to search for Egnyte content. However, note that the search functionality is confined to the content within the default folder.

Do I have to uninstall the earlier version of the integration before I can install this updated version?

No, but utilizing both simultaneously may lead to issues. We advise uninstalling the previous integration before installing and utilizing the latest version.

When I remove a channel member from Channel, is that member also removed from the Egnyte collaborators of that mapped folder?

If you use the automatically created folder, Egnyte automatically removes that member from the mapped folder when they are removed from the Channel. 

Can I use an existing folder with a Teams Channel instead of the automatically created folder?

Yes, you can manually map the Egnyte folder of your choice (excluding the root “Shared” folder) to a Teams Channel.

Who can assign a Default Egnyte Folder to a Teams Channel?

You must be a Team owner to establish a custom default Channel folder.

 What happens if I change the default folder?

You have the flexibility to modify the default Egnyte folders, even for Channels that have already been linked to the default Egnyte folders. In such cases, any content that was previously present in the original Egnyte folder will remain there. To transfer this pre-existing content to the newly specified folder, you need to use the Egnyte Web UI and perform the relocation manually. Alternatively, you can choose to archive or delete the content. Once the transfer is complete, you have the option to delete the original folder.

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