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WebUI - Quick Create for Limited Availability


Product: WebUI Release Date: Feb 14, 2024

New Features and Enhancements

Quick Create in "Draft Mode" (Limited Availability)

Egnyte now provides users the ability to quickly create a Microsoft or Google document in Draft mode via the Create menu. This allows users to work on the document without worrying about its visibility and sharing with others until it’s ready. And, once the document is ready, users can Publish it to the path where it was created from (default), or choose another.  Learn more here.

This feature is released in a Limited Availability.


PDF Text Editing

Editing text and images in PDF files is now available within the Edit Text menu while editing a PDF.  The new feature will be part of the PDF file editor within the PDF File Handler add-on.


Issues Addressed

Safari Download Issue

There was an issue when downloading files using Safari, where the file or archive name was changed. This issue has been fixed.

Issue Saving Custom SMTP Settings

There was a problem where the Save Changes button was prompted even after users successfully updated and saved their SMTP settings. This issue has been fixed.

Improved Error Reporting for Project and Document Room Creation

Previously, when attempts to create projects or document rooms from templates via our public API failed, users received a generic error message not reflective of the specific issue at hand. Now, users will receive accurate error messages, making it easier to address and resolve.

Watermark Download Issue for Domain-Only Users

There was an issue where downloadable links with watermarks intended for domain-only users were not functioning correctly. The user interface was generating an repeated requests, resulting in page indefinitely loading. This issue has now been fixed.

URL Issue on Windows Resolved

Previously, when users on Windows systems dragged and dropped URL shortcuts to the file explorer in the desktop app, these shortcuts functioned within the app but not in the WebUI. This issue has now been fixed.

Enhanced Purge Notification Email

Purge notification emails now include details of the first 50 items scheduled for purge to provide clearer insights to users.

Additional Information and Resources

The current release contains a few improvements to existing functionality. 

  • Minor performance, security and stability improvements
  • Minor logging and UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

These changes will be available to all users by February 15, 2024.

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