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WebUI - Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes


External Release Notes: WebUI (January 31, 2024) 

Issues Addressed 

PDF Viewing Issue with Viewer-Only Permission

There was an issue while viewing PDFs by standard users with viewer-only permission where page number 10 wasn’t being displayed. Pages before and after 10 were being displayed correctly. This issue has been fixed.

PDF Colors Appear Washed Out in Preview

There was an issue with PDF preview where some colors were appearing washed out. This issue has been fixed.

Cannot Open User Details in a New Tab

There was an issue where right clicking on a username in the Settings > Users and groups > Users screen, and clicking on open in a new tab was opening a blank page. This issue has been fixed.

Problem Searching for User Groups via WebUI

There was an issue where searching for user groups via keywords was returning zero results. This issue has been fixed.

Additional Information and Resources  

 The current release contains a few improvements to existing functionality.  

  • Minor performance, security and stability improvements  
  • Minor logging and UI improvements  
  • Minor bug fixes  

The changes will be available to all users by Feb 1, 2024.  

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