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Image Editor in the Egnyte iOS App


The Egnyte iOS mobile app enables users to mark up images and to add text, stickers, hand drawings, and more to JPG, PNG, and HEIC files. Users can add their annotations seamlessly without leaving the Egnyte app. Mark-up changes can be saved by overwriting the existing file or as a new file. 

Image Markups (iOS)

Egnyte iOS App users on Platform Pricing Plans can now utilize the capabilities of the Markup Tool, a robust enhancement introduced in version 8.26. This feature empowers users with a range of powerful actions that can be performed on images, including:

  • Adding Text: to enhance documents with textual annotations for clear communication and context.
  • Adding a Sticker: to highlight key points in the files.
  • Adding a Signature: to streamline the approval process and maintain a professional touch.
  • Adding a Shape: to emphasize specific areas or elements in the files by incorporating various shapes.
  • Drawing with Drawing Tools (Pen, Marker): to visually highlight, annotate, and convey ideas using versatile tools like a pen or marker.
  • Drawing Straight Lines with the Ruler: to draw lines and shapes with precision and accuracy.
  • Erasing: to correct and refine annotations by erasing unwanted elements.
  • Moving Freehand Drawings with the Lasso Tool: to arrange freehand drawings by moving them.
  • Changing Colors and Opacity: to further enhance and personalize the drawings.

The Image Markups feature can be accessed from the file preview screen by tapping on the blue Edit button and selecting the Markups icon the Markup button on the next screen.


The drawing tools, the eraser, the ruler and the lasso can be selected by tapping on their icons in the bottom toolbar. The list of additional tools (including adding stickers, text, signature, and shape) can be expanded by tapping on the Plus button in the toolbar.

When a shape, a sticker, or a signature is added, it can be resized and dragged to a different place on the image. Shapes, signatures, and text can also be recoloured. 

The screen below shows the tools for editing an inserted object.

Text can be further edited by changing its font type, size, and alignment. It can be bolded, italicized, underlined, and struck through. All the added elements can be cut, copied, duplicated, and deleted. 

The eraser comes in two versions: the Pixel Eraser and the Object Eraser. The right type of eraser can be picked by tapping on the eraser icon after it has been selected.  The Pixel Eraser is designed to scrub over mistakes made with a finger, and the Object Eraser to remove objects (such as shapes or drawings) by touching them with a finger.

The lasso can be applied to highlight markups or groups of markups in order to drag them to a different position or to cut, copy, delete, or duplicate them.

Undo and redo buttons positioned at the top of the screen can be used to revert or repeat the markup actions.

When the markups are ready, the marked up image can be saved in two ways. On tapping on Done, the user is presented with two options: to save the modified image as a new file (Save As) or to save the existing file with the markups (Save).

Cropping and Rotating

Users can also crop and rotate images. The cropping and rotating mode can be accessed by clicking on the Image adjustment icon in the lower left corner of the screen from within the file preview.


The flip and rotate icons can be accessed from the next screen and the cropping tool can be initiated by touching and holding to any corners of the image.


Image Markups Tool Access Criteria

To access the Image Markups Tool, make sure you are on one of the Platform Pricing Plans and that you use version 8.26 or higher. The latest version of the app is always available in the Apple AppStore.

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