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Importing Credentials from Desktop App for Microsoft Co-Editing



Egnyte has made it easier to connect Microsoft Office Applications to an Egnyte domain. In order to use our Microsoft Desktop Co-Editing feature, connect Microsoft Office Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to an Egnyte domain. With this new feature, it is possible to import the domains that are connected to Egnyte Desktop App to Microsoft. This is also available for multiple domains. Once connected, a co-editing session can be launched from Egnyte’s WebUI, Egnyte’s Desktop App, or the Microsoft Office Application. 


Office Subscription 

  • Users require a Microsoft 365 Business Standard license or above 
    Enterprise Office 365 E3 subscription or above 
  • Microsoft license must allow for Office Desktop Apps and they should be downloaded onto a user's machine 
  • Perpetual licenses are not supported (Office 2016, Office 2019, etc.) 
  • Microsoft GCC licenses are not supported 

Egnyte Desktop App 


  1. Click on Open in any Microsoft Office application. 
  2. Select Add a Place
  3. Choose Egnyte


  4. This will launch a screen that will allow to either manually add a domain or Import the credentials from Desktop App.

    Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 7.09.24 AM.png

  5. Click Allow Access to provide the Microsoft Application access to Egnyte

    Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 7.22.55 AM.png

  6. This will complete the task and import all the credentials from the Egnyte Desktop App to Microsoft


  • Install or upgrade to ensure that Desktop App has this capability based on the requirements

    Egnyte Desktop App for Mac is not supported

  • Make sure that at least one domain is connected to Desktop App in order to import credentials 
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