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Custom Disclaimer and Terms of Service


Login Disclaimer 

You can add a custom message that will appear on the login screen. This can serve as a warning against unauthorized access or provide any pertinent information deemed necessary for users before they log in. 

To add a Login Disclaimer: 

  • Toggle the Show disclaimer on login page switch to Enabled
  • Enter your custom disclaimer text in the provided field. 
  • Click Save changes at the top of the page. 

Your custom message will now be displayed on the login page for all users.


Custom Branding is available by default for all of our Platform plans.

Upload Disclaimer 

You now can require users to acknowledge an Upload Disclaimer before they can upload files. This is particularly useful for confirming that the content being uploaded adheres to your company's data policy or legal requirements. 

To implement an Upload Disclaimer: 

  • Enter your desired Disclaimer text in the Upload Disclaimer section. 
  • Once set up, users will need to agree to this disclaimer before uploading documents. 


Terms of Service 

The Terms of Service feature ensures that all users must accept your company's terms before using the web interface. This helps enforce your company's policies and provides legal protection. 

To enable and customize the Terms of Service: 

  • Ensure the Users need to accept terms of service switch is Enabled
  • Input your text to the Terms of service text section.
  • Click Save changes to apply these new settings.  

After any change to the terms of service text, users will be prompted to accept the new terms of service upon their next login.


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