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WebUI - URL Files Support, AI-Driven ‘Ask’, Advanced Watermarking and PDF Page Manipulation


External Release Notes: WebUI (January 17, 2024)

New Features and Enhancements

AI-Driven Document Summaries and Q&A - ‘Ask’ Tab (Limited Availability)

This release brings updates to the Document Summarization and Document Q&A features that were introduced last year. For users that have access to both these features, they have now been combined into a single tab called ‘Ask’. For users that only have access to the Document Summarization feature, they will continue to see the ‘Summary’ tab.

The Ask tab can be found when a document is being previewed.

For more information on this feature, see AI-Driven Document Summarization & Document Q&A (Limited Availability)

Advanced Watermarking (Limited Availability)

Egnyte now offers enhanced watermarking capability to provide even better data protection for your content. With this premium feature, you will be able to include more dynamic components to the watermark – the name and the email address of the user who is previewing/downloading the document from Egnyte. 

To help the domain admin configure the watermark properly, a sample preview will also be available for the domain admin to see how the watermark will actually look in the document preview as they keep selecting different components for the watermark. 

For more details on this feature, see Watermarking.

Create Links as Files (URL Files via ‘Create’ Menu)

Egnyte now provides the ability to 'Create URL files’ or links as files. The ‘Create’ drop down provides the option to create URL files.

For more details on this feature, see Quick Create In Egnyte

PDF Page Manipulation

The PDF file editor (part of the PDF File Handler add-on) now includes page manipulation capabilities that allow you to insert, delete, extract, move, and rotate pages. You can access these features from the thumbnail panel while editing a PDF.

Playing Animated GIF Files in Preview

With the newest release, animated GIF files can be played in the preview. Up to this point the preview of the animated gif would show a static image.

Preview of EPS files

With the newest release, EPS files can be viewed in preview.

Issues Addressed 

Audit Permission Changes to Deactivated Users

There was an issue where when user was de-activated any permission changes to such users weren’t presented in the audit reports. After the release, such permission changes will also be audited and reflected in the reports.

Cropped Create New Workflow Menu

There was an issue that when opening create new workflow menu from the workflow tab, in the file preview, in some scenarios it could show up cropped. After the fix the dropdown position is properly adjusted and menu is not cropped.

Intermittent Issues with Co-Editing MS Office Files

There was an issue where users weren’t able to start co-editing session on a file that was located in a folder with “%” character in its name.  After the fix, starting or joining co-editing sessions in folders that contain “%” does not result in an error.

Additional Information and Resources  

 The current release contains a few improvements to existing functionality.  

  • Minor performance, security and stability improvements  
  • Minor logging and UI improvements  
  • Minor bug fixes  

The changes will be available to all users by January 18, 2024.  

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