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Android OS supported versions


Supported Versions of the Android Operating System

To make sure that our customers using the Egnyte Android App get the best possible user experience and that they can access their data securely and efficiently, Egnyte officially supports the last four versions of the Android operating system as published by Google.

Note that when a new Android OS version is released, it may take some time to test and update the Egnyte app and therefore the support for the newest version of Android usually starts the following quarter after its official release date.

To stay current, when we start the support for the latest Android OS version we also drop support for the lowest one in the range so that the latest four versions are always supported. Supporting the last four Android OS versions helps us allocate resources efficiently and focus on delivering an enhanced experience for the majority of users.

If the operating system on the device is lower than the ones supported by Egnyte, the Egnyte App will remain functional but it will not be getting any new updates or bug fixes. Therefore, we encourage the Egnyte Android App users to check which version of the Android operating system can be installed on their device and, should it be lower than the range supported by Egnyte, to consider switching to newer devices.

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