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Secure & Govern (20.2) - Applied Filters - Add Content Source Access to Effective Permissions


Release Date: December 18, 2023, Secure & Govern 20.2 Release

New Features and Enhancements

Applied Filters - Issues View and Sensitive Content View

Users can now see the filters applied in the Issues View and Sensitive Content View highlighted in the horizontal tab as shown below.

Issues View:


Sensitive Content View:


This will allow users to relate which filters have been applied without having to navigate via the scrollbar. Users can reset the view to come back to the default state. When multiple sub-filters are applied, this is highlighted on hover as shown below


Effective Permissions View - Display Content Source Access

Administrators can now see the content sources a user has access to within the Effective Permission View. This improves overall visibility within user management.


Egnyte to Egnyte Connector

Egnyte Secure & Govern now supports the ability to connect folders in separate Egnyte domains via a 1-way continuous sync. The 1-way sync will copy content only (all versions of files and folders) from the source domain and will not include other file information such as metadata or permissions. By using this connector, both parties can retain a copy of the syncing data in their own tenant, without the need to download from one tenant only to reupload in another.


For full details on how to configure an Egnyte to Egnyte connection please refer to Egnyte to Egnyte Connector.

In order to establish an Egnyte to Egnyte connection both domains must have access to this feature.

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