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Migration App UI and Report Improvements


Migration App UI v1.35.0 / Agent v3.33.0. Release Date 12/18/23

Migration Jobs Listing Now Includes Duration of Last Command

Migration Jobs Listing has a new column Last Command Duration which displays the time it took for the last command to complete for any migration job. This listing includes jobs created by all users, so it provides a good overview for customers with complex migration projects. This feature is designed to help inform customers who are planning a cutover and need visibility into how long the next command will require.

Migration Report Improvements

This improves various aspects of the Migration Report that previously delivered inconsistent or incorrect explanations.

Source and Destination Paths Displayed on Migration Dashboard

When on the Migration Dashboard, if the User clicks on a Job, a details drawer opens below to display both the Source and Destination paths. This will assist in Support for complex projects, when multiple jobs are being run concurrently or in sequence.

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