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Rule-Based Metadata for WebUI (Limited Availability)


Product: WebUI Release Date: Dec 13, 2023  

Rule-Based Metadata (Limited Availability)

The Rule-Based Metadata feature allows Power Users and Administrators to define simple rules that are used to apply a user-defined tag to all files and folders that match the rule. Any Power User that has ‘Full’ permissions on a folder can create a new rule and apply the rule to any folders that they have full permissions on.

Every rule has a user-defined tag associated with it. Once a rule has been created and applied to a folder (or a set of folders), all files/folders that match the rule get the tag automatically applied to them. In addition, any new files or folders being added are compared against the rules and the tags are automatically applied to any files/folders that match the rules. Multiple rules can be created and applied to the same folder if needed.

A user can also see the list of all rules already created (including rules created by other users), and can apply any existing rule to their folders (provided they have Full permissions on those folders).

Creating New Rules

A Power User or Admin can navigate to the Settings -> Metadata -> Rules menu and click on Add New Rules.

WebUI_Release 12-13-23_1.png


On the New Metadata Rule screen, the user can specify rule name, associated tag (label), description, associated folders, and rule conditions. The example below creates a rule that will apply a tag ‘fin-reports’ to all spreadsheets, created by Alvin Wong, after Dec 1, 2023.

WebUI_Release 12-13-23_2.png

For more details on the Rule-Based Metadata, see this article.

Issues Addressed 

Workflow API - Filtering Workflows by a File’s GroupID Doesn’t Work for a File with no Workflows

There was an issue in the workflow API where filtering workflows by a file’s GroupID was returning incorrect results. This has been resolved.

Deleted User Receiving Emails

There was an issue where a deleted use was sometimes receiving emails if someone modified one of the deleted user’s files. This issue has been fixed.

Additional Information and Resources  

 The current release contains a few improvements to existing functionality.  

  • Minor performance, security and stability improvements  
  • Minor logging and UI improvements  
  • Minor bug fixes  

The changes will be available to all users by December 14, 2023.   

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