1. Login to the VMware machine using putty.
    Enter the IP address of the ELC VM for the host, enter root for username, and input the password to login.
  2. Type ps –ef | grep smb and press enter.
    This will show a list of samba processes that are running. If there is a process ending with smbd, it means the samba process is running.
    If you don’t see a smbd process running, then try to start the samba service.
  3. To start samba service you'll need to run:
    systemctl start smb
  4. After starting samba service, you'll need to recheck if the service has actually started by running:
    ps –ef | grep smb
  5. After ensuring that samba services are running, please try to map the network drive again.
  6. If the samba services are running and you're still unable to map the network drive, please contact Support for further assistance.