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Is real-time synchronization supported in Storage Sync?


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Egnyte will End of Support Netgear on September 30th, 2021.  For more information, please see this article:  Future of Storage Sync for Netgear  

Storage Sync includes a real-time sync mode. Since the application is intended for larger office environments, the real-time sync mode functions a bit differently compared to the same setting in Desktop Sync clients. Storage Sync real-time mode balances fast file sync and judicious use of the office bandwidth. 

When set to real-time mode, the application connects to the Cloud File Server every minute to check for any file changes in the cloud. If any files have changed in the cloud, a full sync will be initiated and any changes will be propagated bi-directionally. If no changes are made in the cloud, Storage Sync will sync all local changes to the cloud at 30-second intervals.



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